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FREE GROUND SHIPPING IN THE USA! ****SALE 20% off all V Belts by MBL****
****SALE 20% off all V Belts by MBL****

#25 ROLLER CHAIN 100FT ROLL, New from factory

SKU #25-1R-100FT, Discount on 1 to 2 rolls per roll
100FT continuous roll.

1/4" Pitch
Comes with 10 free connector links! 

 premium import chain.

FREE FREIGHT!  Ground shipping in continental lower 48 states of U.S.

Technical Speciafication


Chain No: 25-1*
Pitch: 1/4
Roller W: 1/8
Roller R: 0.13
pin D: 0.091
pin LR riv: 0.296
pin LC cott: 0.327
Pin L1: 0.148
Pin L2: 0.179
Plate H: 0.23
Plate T: 0.03
Max Work Load: 140
Avg Tensile Strength: 1050
App Wt (lbs): 0.1