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Bin and Tray Assortments

Bolt Bin and Tray Assortments for Screws, Clamps, Bolts, and Small Parts.

Metal Durham Tray Assortments  These fully labeled tray assortments are designed for fast easy access to your parts.  An organized shop is a clean, productive shop, and in turn this small investment will save you money.   All tray assortments come in lockable metal gray enamel finish, and are available in the small 12" tray or larger 18" version to fit your slide rack.
BINS  Storage bins manufactured by Durham Mfg, are available in 40, 42, and 72 hole for larger parts and easy access.   Custom bin assortments are available or choose from our selection of grade 5, 8, Metric 8.8 or 10.9 alloy bolt assortments.
RESTOCK YOUR BINS  Use our refill kits or contact us with your list.    
We have a wide variety of products to suit your requirements. Browse our website or call us today. Give us a chance to be a part of your contribution towards the nation’s economy!