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Roller Chain

Roller chain sizes are determined by 3 primary dimensions:
Pitch: The distance between links, as measured from the center of the roller pin on one link to the center of the next roller pin of the same link.
Inside Width: Distance between the innermost side plates.
Roller Diameter: Measure the diameter of the individual roller.
Chain Quality:
Red Boar Chain can supply your chain needs in either economy, mid grade or high end superior capacity roller chains.  We do this to provide for the various needs of our clients.  All meet quality ANSI standards and some exceed them. All are shot peened with heat treated parts, solid rollers, factory pre-stretched, and pre-lubricated with quality controlled inspections.  Our economy chain is ideal for a wide range of speeds, loads and designs.  While our Taiwan or Japanese brands fill in the gap for the most demanding applications, where high shock loads, high work loads, require a dependable or extreme duty chain that will prolong the life of your equipment and increase the profitability of your operation.