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OCM Japanese Mfg Roller Chain


OCM Japanese Mfg Roller Chain With Oil Port Reservoir

The OSB series introduced by OCM is a solid roller with solid bush roller chain and is oil port oriented. With more than 30 years of experience in oil port roller manufacturing, OCM has incorporated all the advantages of cylindrical roundness and solid bush which has helped them create the solid bush roller chain with oil port reservoir. It has a large bearing area to enhance the wear resistance of the solid roller chain as well as prolong the life of your roller chain by more than 30% when compared with ordinary solid bush chains.


  • The OCM solid bush roller chain is manufactured in Japan and is considered as one of the best roller chains ever manufactured. The higher average tensile strength of the OCM solid roller chain provides increased life in applications demanding increased fatigue strength due to high shock loads.   The solid brush oil port oriented roller comes with a number of holes in the inner side of the bushings which is away from the bearing area. These holes act as a reservoir for excess lubricant. The extra lubricant stored in the reservoir helps to lower the chain wear and extends the operating life of your solid bush chain. 
  • The punched link holes in the OCM roller chain helps to eliminate the taper of the hole. As a result, both sides of the holes become parallel which makes for enhanced bearing between pins and holes. This process increases the fatigue strength of your solid roller chain. 
  • In order to further enhance the fatigue strength of the device, all the link plates and rollers have been short preened. The cylindrical roundness of the OCM solid brush roller chain helps to create solid bushings. OCM Japanese Mfg Roller Chain with oil port reservoir minimizes the elongation of the chain. 
  • The OCM solid bush roller chain is pre-loaded automatically after assembly.   This helps in minimizing the initial elongation. 

The fact that OCM comes with more than 30 years of experience has made them one of the world’s leading manufacturer of OSB series oil port oriented solid bush roller chains. It comes with a much higher tensile strength and its extended wear properties allows for a prolonged life.  The oil which is stored in the holes of the inner side of the bushings, away from the bearing area helps in constant lubrication of the device which increases the durability and operational life of the roller chain.