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Helical Thread Repair


The PowerCoil Wire Thread Insert System® consists of high-quality wire thread inserts, high-speed STI taps, drills are supplied up to 13MM and 1/2"diameter. only.   Also included is an easy-to-use installation tools for the repair of damaged internal threads or the creation of strong new internal threads in original equipment.
Repair kits, STI taps, installation tools, and bulk inserts are stocked in all thread forms. Bulk inserts are available in both free-running and screw-locking styles and are also available to MS/NASM and MA standards. Inserts in materials other than 304 stainless are also available, as are multiple coatings. The product range includes Unified, Metric, BSW, BSF, BSC, BSP, BA, NPT, Spark Plug, and 8-UN thread forms.
Loksert keylocking inserts are an easily installed thread assembly that is ideal for replacing damaged or worn threads in virtually any material - ferrous, non-ferrous, and non-metallic.
  • One piece Loksert inserts are supplied with the dove-tailed locking keys pre-assembled.
  • The pre-positioned keys automatically position the insert at the correct depth below the surface of the parent material.
  • Lokserts are suitable for repairing and creating threads in a wide range of applications including forgings and castings and are especially suited to situations that experience heavy wear and vibrations - such as mining, construction and earthmoving equipment.