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HKK Superior Capacity Plus Roller Chain


HKK Superior Capacity roller chains have always had highest working loads of any standard roller chain.   With the introduction of the new Superior Capacity Plus chains HKK has proven to continue to be the industry leader of Maximum Allowable Load Capacity.   

This new state of the art technology gives HKK Chain the highest fatigue strength and working loads of any standard series chain.  

  • Standard Cold Forged Solid Bushings  (retain their cylindrical walls
  • Better Pin Bushing Contact 
  • Solid Rollers
  • Specially Treated Pins and Bushings
  • Stringent Controlled Heat Treatment
  • High Grade Alloy PIns
  • Shot Peened Parts
  • Double Punched Wide Waste Link Plates 
  • Manufactured in Japan

Our drive is simple: Manufacture the world’s highest quality roller chain while providing an excellent value to our customers.

HKK Chains lubrication is heated to a liquid before the chain is completely submerged. This “hot dipping” process ensures lubrication penetrates to all parts of the chain including the bearing area between the pin and bushing. The dimples on the pin surface from the shot peening process works to hold the lubrication in this critical area.