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1.63" Pitch Weld Conveyor Sprocket Fits CA550, CA557, #55 Pintle and Conveyor Chains

1.63" Pitch Conveyor Steel Weld Sprockets 

Fit Steel  Pintle and Detachable Chains #55 with 1.63" pitch

Also Fits Chains CA550, CA557 with 1.63" pitch 

These are Flat Plate Steel Weld Sprockets with 2" Bore for X Series Hub or 1-5/8" Bore for W-Series Hubs

Choose the # Teeth you need and then pick Your W or X-Weld Hub Diameter for your shaft

6 Tooth Sprocket is bored to take a Series W hub 

7 thru 15 Tooth are bored for a X Series Hub

You can find them here :  www.redboarchain.com/collections/sprockets/weld-hubs

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